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Dr. Stephen Buzzelli ND (Naturopathic Doctor)
Dr. Stephen Buzzelli ND


I graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2015. I am a Naturopathic Doctor registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, who takes into consideration the merits of pharmaceuticals for specific chronic health ailments. I am also a part of the OAND and CAND. Naturopathic medicine makes a great complement to other medical practices when appropriate. It can deliver results by creating a full body approach to health and wellness. My purpose as a naturopathic doctor in your individualized health goals will be met  through  informing you of  the benefits and risks of any naturopathic treatment for your particular concern. I want to help you keep your autonomy (independence) in your health, through the knowledge I have obtained, so you can make the most informed decision for yourself.



I offer a confidential, safe, positive and non-judgmental space when you step into our meeting. My number one priority is to solidify our therapeutic alliance because I believe this bond is what will facilitate the change to your health. If at any point you feel misrepresented or unheard, it is your duty to notify  me so that I can adjust my practice to fit your needs. You must remember this is about your autonomy.



You may be wondering why I became a Naturopathic Doctor. Just like you, I have had my own individualized emotional, spiritual, physical and existential struggles. No matter our age, education or experience there is a time when we need support from someone that we do not have strong ties to. Someone that we can relate to, who is empathetic and understanding but also someone we respect on a professional level to open up our way of thinking and take us out of our comfort zone.


This is exactly why I decided to see a Naturopathic Doctor. My education has taught me not to see a person for their specific complaint but as their entirety. I believe in an integrative healthcare system and I know you can find a great use out of my services. 



I focus on lifestyle counselling mostly, being highly intune with thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I teach you with examples and assistance on how to lead a healthier lifestyle within your capacity and motivation


I have passed the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics Examination allowing me to perform permitted controlled acts authorized to the profession in Ontario in the General Regulation in accordance to the Standard of Practice for Prescribing. I am IV certified as well. I am required to obtain a certain amount of continuing education credits every few years so my practice is up to date.

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