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Disease Surveillance/
Patient Education

Tools at my disposal include:

  • Your own health history

  • Physical exams

  • Bloodwork*

  • Research databases

  • Questionnaires for screening  

  • Smart phone app tracking

  • Accountability check-ins 


*at patient's expense


Lifestyle Counselling
  • Listen to your concerns

  • Help work through your daily stresses

  • Advise you while you problem solve your own solutions.


Weight Loss & Nutrition Education
  • Help set-up the beginnings and maintenance to your own individualized goals.

  • Provide recipe ideas and teach how to read nutrition label information


Acupuncture & Cupping

Not offered currently**

Uses of acupuncture include:

  • Muscle pain/arthritis complaints with or without electrostimulation 

  • Relaxation

  • Traditional Chinese diagnosis 


Botanical Herbs/
Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

When suggesting products or when being asked for my professional opinion by the patient, I present (if available):

  • Research based evidence

  • Anecdotal (clinical) evidence

  • Traditional practice

  • Risks

  • Potential pharmaceutical interaction, and herb-herb interaction

  • Cost of supplement 


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