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Basic Fee Schedule 

$160...50min session​ (virtual session)

$46.50...15min Check-in (virtual session)

Check with your healthcare benefits to see if naturopathic care is covered under your plan.  Check the total amount per visit covered and also the full amount  covered per year. Plans vary depending on the provider.

Accept: e-trans only

After each visit, you will receive a receipt after payment. It is your responsibility to submit your claim to your extended healthcare plan to be reimbursed. Thank you.

If you do choose to use me as both your Registered Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Psychotherapist, we have to make it known that appointments for both roles will be separated in some capacity. Regulation states that I am not allowed to intermingle both professions into the same meeting since NDs and RPs do not have access to the same controlled acts. However, we are able to have appointments for both roles back to back.

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